When you have birds visiting your backyard, they become part of the ecosystem. However, you can’t underestimate the importance of a birdhouse if you want to keep your feathered friends coming back to your yard. At BirdHouseLove.com, we have a variety of birdhouses that comes in different sizes and shapes to match your outdoor décor.

We understand that before putting a house out to attract wild birds, it’s vital to ensure it has some natural features to avoid scaring the birds and be decorative enough for your outdoor environment. Here are some tips on what you should look for when selecting a birdhouse:

Be Able to Open: Your birdhouse should have an opening, either at the top, front, or sides. This serves two functions: to examine the health and progress of the young, and for cleaning purposes at the end of the season.

The Raw Material: The raw material used to make a birdhouse is the first factor used to determine whether birds will be attracted to the house or not. Wild birds prefer a safe, natural habitat, and they are therefore more likely to choose a wooden birdhouse. To add an appeal to it, things like twigs and leaves will help.

Entrance Hole Size: Most birds can fit in an entrance hole of 1-1/2 inches in diameter. This size helps keep off other invasive species that might take over nest houses from native species.

Understanding the Bird Species: Nesting habits, preferences, and the behavior of bird varieties differs; understand what type of bird you want to buy a house for.

Size Matters: Your birdhouse should be cozy and spacious enough for the birds to feel comfortable.

Ventilation: Slits or holes at the top side or along the top front of the birdhouse act as ventilation spaces, and allow letting out of hot air during summer months.

Drainage Holes: The bottom of the birdhouse should have cut off corners or holes to allow water to drain out.

A Way to Attach the Box: A good birdhouse should have a way to attach it to a pole, such as a bracket or holes.

We have a complete collection of birdhouses at BirdHouseLove.com to choose from and we know you’ll find one perfect for you and your yard! Happy Birding!