Are You OK?

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November 30, 2009

This evening I went to the gym. A friend called me as I was about to exit my car and I told him how excited I was about certain happenings this past week. I told him that I loved life! That little things make all the difference… that a small goal realized can be such a tremendous joy in of itself.

We finished up our conversation and out I went into the chill of the evening air.

As I walked up to the building I noticed a small bird sitting on the sidewalk. I walked up to the little bird, squatted, and stroked his back gently with the back of my index finger. I assumed it was a boy.

I asked, “Are you OK?”

He fluffed up a bit… I stroked his back again, he spun around, and took flight. I watched as he disappeared into the darkness and smiled to myself, grateful for the experience.

I continued on to my intended destination.

As I left the gym, I texted my friend… I briefly related the story and said, “You know, I think he just wanted someone to ask him if he was OK.”

The same can be said for all of us at times. We just want someone to ask, to listen, to take a moment–however brief–and forget ourselves as we discover a way to give of ourselves for the benefit of others.

So… “Are you OK?”


Image Credit: Sergey Yeliseev (Creative Commons, Flickr)