New Week and New Bird Sightings!

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Yesterday my husband and I went in search of the belted kingfisher. Last Sunday he spotted one while birding at the Glenn Thompson Reserve which is on Trebein Road in Xenia, Ohio (along the Little Miami River). He took a photo but the bird was quite far away and we were hoping to get a closer look this time. In fact, I was just hoping to see so that I could add the bird to my Life List. Unfortunately, we did not come across one but we did see a number of red-winged blackbirds!

There were about 6 blackbirds in a thicket making a sort of clicking chirp sound. We both stood for a while hoping they would show themselves so that we could get a better look. I honestly thought there were only two in a large bush hanging over the water but as my husband went to investigate further a whole group of them flew out and up and rested on some powerlines in the distance (see the pic above). I believe there are male and female blackbirds in the image. The males are black with a red spot on their wings bordered by a yellow band. The females are much different looking and look like a different type of bird altogether. They are a dark brown with patches of lighter brown on their faces.

I continue to be amazed at the sheer variety of birds that are in our everyday surroundings and, I would imagine, have always been there! If we would only stop to look and listen we could revel in nature’s wonderland around us. For example, we sat inside watching the feeder that is outside our bedroom window and saw a dark-eyed junco for the first time on Saturday as well. There was an absolute feeding frenzy that included the usual suspect such as chickadees, jays, and titmice and then all of sudden someone we hadn’t scene or perhaps just not noticed before decided to join the fray.

Our birding expedition on Saturday also included a trip to The Narrows Reserve in Xenia, Ohio. The Narrows follows the Little Miami River and is home to a variety of birds as well. We saw some familiar faces like red-bellied woodpeckers, downy woodpeckers, Carolina wrens, chickadees and more. We actually did not have to walk far before our first sighting and the birds seem to enjoy the proximity to the water. We did hear a woodpecker making a rapid fire tree-pecking noise and I set out to investigate but never found out who was making all of the racket. It is more difficult to be stealthy as the crunchy fall leaves litter the ground throughout the area.

Overall, we enjoyed our time out in nature and look forward to our next birding adventure!

Happy Birding!

Image credit: Laura Y. Ceville @BirdHouseLove