The Benefits of Spending Time in Nature

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Spending time in nature improves your mental and physical health whether you are visiting your local park or spending time in your backyard watching your feathered friends. Nature provides the perfect environment to stay active or simply de-stress, relax, and refresh your body and your spirit. Here are six benefits of spending time in the great outdoors:


  • Time outdoors has been known to lower depression and anxiety
  • Spending time outdoors also bolsters vitamin D which can improve mood


  • Taking a break in nature helps to refresh you and relax your mind which enhances cognitive abilities such as problem solving and memory
  • Time outdoors can also help boost creativity and overcome mental blocks


  • Children who grow up in nature develop more balanced immune systems
  • The sun provides vitamin D which is essential for bone and muscle health


  • Being outdoors gives you the opportunity to spend more time in natural light which helps your body better regulate sleep patterns
  • Nature is a mood-booster and helps to quell negative thoughts that may distract you and keep you from falling asleep


  • Nature is full of wonder, magic and delight! The fragrant flowers, beautiful birds, and rich colors of the sky above help to inspire us
  • Take time to feel the wind and listen to the delightful sounds of our winged friends and you will be sure to feel uplifted and inspired!

A birdhouse or bird feeder will encourage you to spend time outdoors and take in nature! And we have plenty of options to choose from as you head down the path of spending more quality time in nature.

Happy Birding!