The Perfect Birdhouse

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Looking for the perfect birdhouse or birdhouses for your yard?

Here are three points to consider:

1. Decorative Versus Nesting Birdhouses
2. Bird Species That Use Birdhouses
3. Environment


First and foremost, there are two types of birdhouses, decorative and nesting.

Decorative houses are often times elaborately embellished and colorful but are not necessarily made for your feathered friends. Choosing a decorative birdhouse is definitely OK if your goal is pure decoration for your yard.

However, if your goal is to actually attract birds into your backyard habitat a more practical birdhouse or “nesting box” will prove more welcoming.


Also, keep in mind that different bird types prefer different types of habitats while some birds will never look to a man-made home for nesting.

Here is a list of birds that use nesting boxes:
– Chickadees
– Creepers
– Finches
– Flycatchers
– Nuthatches
– Sparrows
– Swallows
– Swifts
– Thrushers
– Tits
– Warblers
– Woodpeckers
– Wrens


But just because a bird has been known to use a birdhouse does not mean they will flock to your yard as soon as you put one up. Creating a welcoming environment for your birds is also a must! This includes putting out feeders, water, and filling your yard with bird-friendly landscaping like trees and shrubs.

Even if you take these three points into consideration, not every birdhouse will successfully attract birds. Offering your winged friends multiple birdhouse options will increase your chances of new feathered tenants moving in.