What is the Best Way to Attract Blue Jays?

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Blue jays are one of the most beautiful birds that can visit your backyard sanctuary. Because of their size (10-12 inches with a wingspan of 13 to 17 inches), the best bird feeder for a blue jay is a large platform or tray feeder. If you are looking to attract and keep blue jays coming back to your yard, here are 3 tips to keep in mind:

Offer blue jays their favorite types of food

The best way to attract a specific type of bird to your yard is to ensure that you have plenty of their favorite foods! Blue jays are no different. They enjoy a variety of options to include: acorns, cherries, cracked corn, peanuts (preferably shelled), sunflowers seeds (black oil or striped), and even suet.

Keep the feeder’s perch clear

Blue jays are fairly large compared to other birds that may visit your yard, and as such prefer an open platform free of obstructions for feeding. The platform should be large and spacious with plenty of room for blue jays to land. If you choose to use a platform feeder with an adjustable dome to protect food from the elements, make sure the dome is adjusted to allow enough room for blue jays to land.

Keep the feeder’s food stocked

Blue jays are intelligent birds and are said to remember good feeding spots. To keep them coming back, be sure to keep a consistent supply of food and keep the peanuts flowing!

In summary, blue jays love open and roomy platform feeders that give them the opportunity to jump around and find the perfect morsel they are looking for. They also enjoy a variety of foods with shelled peanuts topping the list. Keep their feeder perch free of obstructions and keep the food stocked and you’ll be sure to attract these beautiful birds.