16 Family Purple Martin Barn

Houses up to 16 purple martin families



  • Houses up to 16 purple martin families
  • Snaps together in minutes with no tools required
  • Slightly sloped floors for drainage
  • Measures 18 x 19 x 20 inches and weighs 8 pounds
  • Made of UV grade polypropylene copolymer plastic

Product Description

The 16 family purple martin barn is made of polypropolene copoly plastic and is perfect for that country home or farm house. This martin barn snaps together easily, requires no tools and is maintenance free. It is very easy to raise and lower when used with the S & K Quad-Tel pole and it only weighs 8 pounds. Those country martins will feel right at home and you will be able to enjoy the company of these feathered friends.


Designed for use with S&K’s telescopic poles, this durable, lightweight barn provides shelter, space, and privacy for nesting purple martins. Easy to assemble, the barn includes divided compartments for up to 16 families, with enclosed keyhole-style entrances measuring 2-1/4 inches in height and width. Protected from rain by overhangs, 12 of the compartments are 6 by 6 inches with 3-by-6-inch railed porches and white front panels to increase entrance visibility. The other four compartments measure 6 by 9 inches and have a direct entrance in the side of the barn. Though this house does not include the porch dividers recommended by some experts, it does have slots in which you could fashion an adaptation. While no martin-nesting structure is maintenance free, S&K cuts down on the work with slightly tilted floors for drainage and hinged front panels for end-of-the-season cleanup.