Blue Ceramic Stoneware Egg Birdhouse



The Alcyon line is made of quality, heavy duty stoneware. The Alcyon Egg Bird Home features a 1.125″ opening, which is an ideal size for small cavity nester’s. The deep egg shaped design offers ample protection from predators, and a small drainage hole in the base of the home provides security from weather conditions. An easily removable screw off cap located on the bottom of the homes allows backyard bird enthusiasts to quickly clean out the empty homes at the end of the season. The Alcyon egg home and Pagoda feeders come standard with newly developed forged steel hanging hook that can be used for both hanging on a tree limb, or permanently mounted on a vertical surface. The Alcyon Egg home is an attractive addition to any home, business, or camp!


  • Can accommodate nesters such as Wrens, Chickadees, Small flycatchers and Warblers

Product Details

  • Mount Type: Hanging
  • 7 in x 7 in x 9 in