Backyard Rustic Natural Bark Look Pine Bluebird House



UNIQUE ‘one of a kind’ Natural Pine Bark Birdhouse … each one is hand built … NO TWO ARE ALIKE!

FULLY ASSEMBLED, with included mounting screws … ready to be mounted on a post, fence, wall or tree, ETC. … away from people that could deter the birds from nest building.

It is a large Size: 16′ X 10′ X 8′ … and weighs, on average, about 12 pounds.

It is designed and built by Amish Craftsmen in the ‘ENCHANTED MOUNTAINS’ of rural Southwestern New York State.

Because it uses REAL Pine Bark Wood, when it is mounted on a tree it is very hard to tell that it isn’t part of the tree … which birds find VERY attractive and inviting to build their nests in.

If you admire Amish traditional artwork, like Amish furniture, then you will appreciate one of these in your back yard. And, unless they get one from us, none of your neighbors will have one.