Nature's Way Bird Products 066570 Wwgh1 Galvanized Weathered Cedar Wren House



  • Weathered stain and a textured galvanized roof bring a decorative rustic feel to your birding experience!
  • Made with naturally insect and rot-resistant Premium cedar
  • Air vents allow for maximum air ventilation through wall and floor openings for optimum bird

Wild Wings Galvanized Weathered Cedar Wren House

The rustic feel & innovative design of this wren house are sure to make it a quick favorite for you & the birds! Air vents allow for proper air ventilation through wall & floor openings to promote bird health. Clean-out doors provide easy access for cleaning. This house has a 1 1/8″ opening to accommodate both house wrens & chickadees while keeping unwanted larger birds out. Made with naturally insect & rot resistant premium cedar for a durable house that will last multiple seasons. Vinyl-coated wire hanging cable included.

Wrens and chickadees both prefer houses that are located in a sheltered area – under the shade and protection of tree branches is ideal. When possible, hang the house so that the entry hole faces away from incoming weather anywhere from 5-10 feet off the ground. A hanging style house is preferred so that it can be placed outward on a branch to help prevent predators reaching the nest. A male wren will build a nest out of sticks and perch on the branches above the house to attract a female. A pair of chickadees will work together to build their nest with moss, pet hair, or other types of fur-like material.