Octagon Bird House Song Bird Cellular PVC Copper Roof Made In the USA



Brand: NC Birdguy

Color: White


  • 2 Compartment Bird House 1.5″ Entry Ways (Air and Drainage Slots for Proper Ventilation)
  • Weather-resistant PVC/Vinyl Body (Will Never Rot, Split, or Decay)
  • Removable Copper Roof (Quick Clean Out, No Tools Necessary)
  • Mounts on 4×4 Post
  • Proudly Handmade in the USA

Details: This Songbird House has 2 compartments and is designed for a wide variety of small songbirds such as chickadees, finches, wrens, and bluebirds. This elegant house is made out of cellular PVC, which will not rot, split, or fade, with a shiny copper roof. This birdhouse will light up any yard and also be a great home for birds. Mounts on true 4×4 post. Center divider can be removed to convert to single compartment bird house.