Set of 2 Globe Hummingbird Nesters Cotton Nesting Material for Hummingbirds, Wrens, Finches & More | Refillable Outdoor Bird Nesting Station for Birdwatching & Bird Lovers



  • HELP LITTLE BIRDS BUILD THEIR NESTS – This set of 2 globe Hummingbird nesters is made of rattan, hemp and cotton to provide any small bird just what it needs to create its very own strong nest for its eggs faster and easier. Dimensions – Approx. 6″ diameter, with 8-1/2″ drop, each.
  • A MUST HAVE FOR ANY BIRDWATCH LOVER – Take a closer look at the amazing world of Hummingbirds. As they will be attracted to the bird nesters, you will have the chance to observe them filling their beaks, flying off, building their nests and coming back for more.
  • DESIGNED TO WITHSTAND ANY WEATHER CONDITION – The globe nesters for outdoors are built with weather resistant construction, it is strong enough to hold the bird nest material in, even during rainy or windy days. And do not worry about the cotton getting all wet as the open design of the nesters allows for quick drying.
  • REFILLABLE & SUPER EASY TO USE – Each bird nester includes an attached rope for easy hanging, you can hang these small bird nesters on any tree branch to attract all kinds of small birds near you! Ideal for Hummers, Finches, Wrens, Robbins and more.
  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN FOR YOU & THE BIRDS – Unlike bulky nesting boxes, these discreet globe bird nesting material holders are a beautiful addition to any yard or patio, even after the breeding season. Plus, the branches of the globes provide good grip for the birds to hang onto so they can easily grab the nesting material and start their little birdhouses!

his beautiful set of 2 globe small bird nesters provides enough nesting cotton for many tiny birds to build or feather their nests.As it will attract many birds searching for nesting supplies, you will have the chance to take a much closer look at the mind-blowing world of nest building, while actually helping all sorts of birds build sturdy nests, faster and easier.Watching the birds approaching, filling their beaks, flying away and coming back again and again is not only extremely rewarding, but also a great opportunity to entertain and educate your kids too!