Window Bird Feeder with Super Strong Suction Cups and High Capacity Seed Tray with Drain Holes, Small, Compact, Clear Acrylic, Easy Clean, Outside Feeders for Transparent Viewing




  • CLEAR VIEWING OF BEAUTIFUL BIRDS IN VIVID DETAIL – The transparent, clear acrylic construction makes bird watching picture perfect from the kitchen window or the comfort of your living room. Watch all your songbirds, cardinals, blue jays, finches, juncos, chickadees, nuthatches, titmice, sparrows, goldfinches, woodpeckers, wrens, bluebirds and more enjoy themselves through this completely see through birdfeeder.
  • HOURS OF ENJOYMENT AT AFFORDABLE PRICE – Great fun for the curious child, elderly parent or grandparent and even the family cat or dog. With a deep tray for high seed capacity, fill this feeder with your favorite mixed seed blends, nyjer, black oil sunflower, safflower, peanuts, mealworms and suet then sit back and enjoy hours of enjoyment.
  • BUILT TO LAST IN ALL WEATHER CONDITIONS – Each feeder is made from only the most heavy duty acrylic so that it can last through diverse conditions for many seasons to come. While the seed is covered, if it happens to get wet the 4 drain holes in the tray will allow the seed to dry.
  • MAKES FOR THE PERFECT GIFT – Whether for a nature lover, a bird aficionado, children, parents, family pet or that special someone, this feeder makes for a great gift for the holidays, a birthday, housewarming and more.


No More Chasing Birds with Binoculars

If you love the thought of enjoying the view of the most beautiful birds your neighborhood has to offer, this feeder is for you.

This feeder has:

✓Extra strength suction cups to assure a tight, clean fit to the window

✓A deep, high capacity seed tray with drain holes

✓100% extra strength completely transparent acrylic that balances durability with crystal viewing.

… and more!

Make it a perfect gift to give on any occasion:

Mother’s Day

Dimensions: 2 3/8″ x  5  3/4″  x  6″